Mar 25, 2010

New Media:Wrap up and final work

This afternoon New Media will be joining forces and preparing their final project in the art studio at 2:30. After having some time to reflect and discuss about the experience I wanted to share some of the things that I have come away with and also learned about myself and some students who I had not known before this trip.
The group consisted of Natalie Jansen, our senior leader, and five juniors: Mack Willingham, Grant Ballou, Will Campbell, Mike Sanders and Lauren Myers. Together we learned about navigating our way around Boston on a tight schedule, agreeing on when and where to eat, how to blog, tweet and conduct ourselves in professional meetings, ask questions that were tough, and most importantly learned how all of us think about technology and the ever changing world of media. Through the use of iphones, itouches, laptops, cameras and video recorders we were able to experience, record and gather necessary information that would answer our questions.
Students became more aware of what the college process would be like and the possibilities that lie ahead. I enjoyed working with this group of students tremendously and appreciated their effort, attention and commitment to the program. It was an experience that allowed me to meet some students who I had not known prior to the trip and have come away with a appreciation for how they all think differently and how together we were able to accomplish a great deal in such a short time.
As a group we would like to thank Mr. Mundahl for organizing JUA this year and value his time and passion for the program. In addition, we need to thank Mrs. Willingham for all of her efforts behind the scene in directing us to some great people in Boston who made the trip so unique.
Thanks for making JUA so terrific New Media!
-Mr. Buck


Lauren Myers said...

What I loved most about this trip was seeing first-hand how New Media is directly affecting the way we communicate, educate and learn, as we saw at Emerson College, and seeing how it not only affects businesses but can be used in the arts as well.

Natalie Jansen said...

Thanks for such a great trip everyone!
I really loved both Emerson and the ICA, but I knew a lot less about how new technologies are affecting art and museums and learned a lot. Some of the works had both audio and visual components and there was a TV playing an interview with one of the featured artists. Behind the scenes, museums are choosing more collections that use state of the art technology and show how fast things are changing. I really liked learning about how new media is affecting people and businesses in so many more ways than I had thought going into the trip.

Mack Willinghambone said...

What I loved most about new media was our group. The gang really made the trip for me and really allowed me to appreciate the art we were seeing to a whole new degree. Without the sarcasm of Mike Sanders (with the help our wildcard Will Cambell), the hilarity of Mr. Buck and Lauren's quiet composed nature, I most certainly would not made it home in one piece.. Thank you guys and Buck. I had a BLAST.

Mike Sanders said...

The most insightful fragment of JUA was the informative presentation that we were shown at the ICA. I was introduced to a professional version of facebook called linkedin, as well as many other forms of new media that I was not familiar with. The hospitality that we received was unsurpassed by any other group during our trip. The museum workers were happy to answer our questions about various artwork with extremely detailed answers. Our visit to the ICA way by far my favorite part of JUA.

Grant said...

It was incredibly interesting to get feedback from people on the street and hear their perspectives on the way technology is affecting multiple aspects of everyday life, from news to music. The trip was a great experience and I learned so much about perspectives, art, and teaching. Everything was intriguing and I learned plenty about an aspect of technology which I had never really considered looking in to. Good trip, good times.