Mar 25, 2010

Music and Business, Day 3

For the final day of Music and Business, we're meeting up to reflect upon our time in Boston. We've all learned a lot in the past three days, getting a behind- the-scenes look at the music industry and what it takes to be successful. We met several people who talked to us about the music industry, and through this we learned their opinions about selling out in the music industry, as well as how new technologies are affecting it. We also learned what they do in the music industry and what job opportunities are available. Morgan Millardo, a Senior at U-Mass Lowell who is working towards a degree in music business and aspires to work in synchronization, talked at great length about the fine line between selling out for better and for worse. At Sidehatch Entertainment, a local promotional company, further emphasized what we learned from Morgan. Zak Baskin, a current freshman and bassist at Berklee College of Music, gave us a tour of the campus, and coincidentally we met Livingston Taylor, who made his opinion of how the industry should work; Happiness and passion should come first, then money. Leon Janikian, a professor of music business at Northeastern College who has been involved in the music industry for almost fifty years, taught us that there are tons of opportunities to work in the industry, but it certainly does not come easily. Overall, we learned how much dedication, time, and commitment it takes to really make it in the music industry. The trip was very successful as we gathered a significant amount of relevant information and addressed some current issues that pertain to us as students.

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