Mar 11, 2009


There is a tremendous amount of activity going on right now, mostly reflection, commenting and posting.

A couple of quotes stand out:
  • "I learned something very valuable from this man, that you can't judge whether a person is eco-friendly or not by looking at them."
  • "I liked the survey because it kind of took me out of my comfort zone and made me do something that I wouldn't normally do outside of my JUA experience."
  • "The excitement to do community service is what the Boston Bruins are about. Not only do they participate in it but they love doing it. Bob Sweeny stopped by to tell us about the community service work he did. He told us that no matter what he did, he enjoyed it. It was a life changing experience!"
Dig into the group blogs (see links to the right) to see these comments and the more than 180 others that our students, parents, alumni and other guests have left.

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