Jan 4, 2009

Faculty Brainstorm

Faculty brainstorming exercise:
  1. Think of an issue that you care about.
  2. Narrow your focus to one part of this issue. Alreadly gone on JUA? You can use your topic from a past year if you would like.
  3. State as many positions on that issue as you can. Include a position that you personally strongly disagree with.
  4. Collect the stake holders, who is affected by this issue?
Post your results in the comments.

1. I care about outdoor sports
2. A focused part of outdoor sports might be the impact these sports have on the environment
3a. We need outdoor sports in NH for the tourism $$
3b. But all those people trash the wilderness
3c. Why are fewer people hunting and fishing?
3d. Big players like the AMC bring people where they don't belong and are big polluters
3e. We need more outdoor organizations bringing young people into the woods so kids will learn to love the wilderness and protect it
3f. There should be more snowmobiling and four wheeling trails since these bring in big money
3g. There should be some areas that are set aside where nobody can go as nature preserves
4. Tourists, federal employees, local business owners, residents, activist organizations, tax payers, plants and animals


Anonymous said...

What role in education do blogs serve?

Anonymous said...

1. I like to fly fish

2. You need to wear boots that you won't slip on rocks, etc. when fishing in water.

3. Wearing felt bottomed fishing boots.

3a. Felt has been proven to transfer bacteria, etc. from one body of water to another-spreading pollution, diseases, etc.

3b. Grassroots organizations like Trout Unlimited are advocating a ban on these types of boots.

3c. Companies that make felt bottom boots are scrambling to find alternatives to felt, but are also trying to buy time until they can come up with the alternative to felt and not lose money in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

1. Sexuality minority
2. Marriage
3. A. Marriage between same sex partners should be legal.
B. Domestic partnerships are enough. Should be legalized.
C. Domestic partnerships should be illegal.
D. Domestic partnerships should be illegal, and any type of same sex relationship (physical and/or emotional) between same sex couples should be illegal.
E. Stakeholders: same sex couples and their families, traditional couples, employers, companies, corporations, hospitals, insurance companies, anything with spousal benefits, government, etc.

Anonymous said...

1. Prayer in the classroom

2. Should religion be included int he curriculum

3a. No prayer/religion in class.
3b. No, even if everyone were faithful, not everyone believes in the same religion.
3c. No, it's divisive.

3d. Yes, expands understanding of other people.

3f. Yes, it is spiritually fulfilling. Why deny students that aspect of life?

3g. Yes, liberals have dominated school system too long.

4. Students, Teachers, parents, citizens, anyone.

Anonymous said...

1.I care about "materialism." The seeming need for people to possess things.

2. A focused part of "materialism" might be the impact it has on children's outlook on what to value in their life.
3a. In order for the economy to stay "healthy" we need consumers to buy things.
3b. Value and measure of one's success in life may be based on how much you possess.
3c. Many material possessions impact the environment, via energy consumption for production, shipping,use, etc...
3d. Why are cellphones so disposable?
4. Everyone is affected by this issue, because it impacts the world.

Anonymous said...

We care about:
Women’s College Sports

A focused part of women’s college sports might be gender equality in terms of financial allocation.

1. Men should receive more financial aid because there is a higher demand for viewing men’s sports and thus men’s sports generate more revenue.
2. Title Nine is a document, which promotes gender equality within sports and marks a change.
3. Title Nine is a document that is detrimental to sports because it results in the shutting down of valuable athletic programs for males due to equality.
4. Why do women’s sports have less spectators then men?
5. Why do people value men’s sports more?
6. Financial allocation for college programs and sponsorship should be equal for all sports.
7. Are the standards for women athletes to receive financial assistance higher then the standards for men?
8. Does a full-scale change about gender performance in sports have to take place in order for this equality to exist?
9. Is equality a possible idea?

Stake holders: college bound female athletes, parents, college bound male athletes, spectators, colleges, endorsing companies, etc.

Anonymous said...

1. We care about the environment.
2. The future of farming - especially family farms.
3. Agribusiness is more efficient and cost effective - family farms are relics of the past.
3. Seed diversity is important
3. Subsidies have to change to encourage local diverse food production and healthy eating choices
4. Everyone who eats.

Anonymous said...

The issue: 1. Energy Production
2. Our focus is nuclear power as an energy source
Positions: Nuclear power is minimally polluting.
Nuclear energy is highly efficient
Waste disposal is an unsolved problem.
Plant failure (say Chernobyl) is potentially high impact.
Uranium requires strip mining.

Anonymous said...

1. Health
2. Access to healthcare
3a. As a basic right, everyone should have access to healthcare
3b. Who's paying for it?
3c. Are there enough doctors, hospitals, and medical supplied to provide care for all that need it?
3d. Is there any limit to the amount of care provided to any one person?
3e. Are there any limitations on from who or where we seek medical care?
3f. Socialized health care is WORKING in many other industrialized nations
3g. During a weak economy, can we rely on larger corporations to help fund health care? (ex. Shop n Save is offering free flu vaccinations and antibiotics to help those that cannot afford them)
4. Everyone. Largely, health insurance companies would throw a fit. And doctors, would likely be upset by a more limited income even though it would still be quite high.

Anonymous said...

ISSUE: The amount of negative or violent graphics on news programs and news media.

It is hard to try and educate young children 5-9 years about what is happening in the world because of the graphic nature of the videos. Death, murder, war, child pornogrpahy, child abuse, child neglect, etc.

It is hard for young people 5-9 to watch tv programming unless it is PBS, DISNEY or speciafically geared to children's entertainment

one perspective: 6 pm news is not approprate for children.

Children are watching tv at that time.

Mr. Joslin said...

1. I care about water
2. A focused part of water might be conserving enough of this resource for future use.
3a. How do we educate people to conserve effectively % efficiently?
3b. We need to conserve to ensure natural ecosystems has what it needs.
3c. Where do we get our water and what are other resources (i.e. reusing wastewater?)
3d. Water should be free, even for excessive use.
4. Every living organism!

Anonymous said...

1. I care about Lacrosse.

2. Growth of the sport in a community

-Multiple student athletes can develop skills
-Different levels for the variety of students interested
-Life long sport
-Wellness sport with finesse and physical contact
-Attract all types of people
-Commercialism: Equipment

4. Communities, Families, town, tax payers, schools, land usage, economy

Anonymous said...

1. Think of an issue that you care about.
2. Narrow your focus to one part of this issue. Alreadly gone on JUA? You can use your topic from a past year if you would like.Does blogging replace conversation? How helpful and trustworthy are blogs?
3. State as many positions on that issue as you can. Include a position that you personally strongly disagree with.
4. Collect the stake holders, who is affected by this issue?

Anonymous said...

1. the environment
2. water is not clean here at NHS
3a. it's too expensive to do the chemical treatment so people should just continue to drink bottled water
b. NHS should be putting forth big bucks to install a town-wide filtration system as one of the biggest users
c. the town of New Hampton should put up big bucks to install a new filtration system
d. NHS should put in an insulated system that only serves the school
e. NHS should model new radical sustainability practices incorporating graywater
f. We don't even know what the water system is: ignorance is bliss
g. Bottled water should not be allowed because of the global impact
h. Bottled water is the only safe way to go and it employs many people so let's just keep our economies intact and provide jobs
i. students pay big bucks to attend NHS; they shouldn't get brown water

Anonymous said...

1. Animal conservation...
2. Environmental affects on wilderness...
3. Killing harmless and innocent animal...(disagree)
Manage animal population...
Protect certain habitats...
Providing for yourself eliminating the middle man...
Use licensing fees more appropriately...
4. Hunters, Fishermen, Biologists, Hikers and Campers...

Anonymous said...

1- State of The ARTS in public schools
2- Lack of funding for the ARTS
3- Administrators and communities are not supporting of the ARTS and therefore not allocating money.
- The ARTS are not important to the development and growth of students
- attention is not paid to the development of Artistic curriculum
- ARTS are a waste of time
- ARTS teach life skills
- Money for the ARTS should come form FEderal grants
4- Teachers, Students, Parents, Global Community, Taxpayers, Administrators

Anonymous said...

Should the Federal Government impose a significant (50 cents- 1 dollar per gallon) gas tax?


1. Promote use of public transportation - more sustainable, more efficient,

2. Raises federal income to help combat current deficit and support federal programs.

3. Encourages consumers to buy and producers to build more efficient vehicles.

4. One program could include the research and development of alternative fuels
-limits dependence on foreign oil

5. This is the right time as American gas prices have been dropping and Americans are accustomed to 4$ per gallon gas


1. Hurts American car manufacturers

2. Puts great strain on American consumer "at the pump" while they are already financially strapped in other areas

3. Federal government cannot be trusted to run this efficiently and responsibly

4. Increase in price at pump would affect the cost of food, and all transported goods.

5. Limit of resources and impact of fuel use on the environment is over-hyped, liberal sensationalism.

Anonymous said...

1. Immigration Policies and Issues in the United States.
- what role does the U.S. play in the global politics when they have restrictive policies on immigration.
- NAFTA? How does the economic implications eliminate diversity in export/import production.
- Department of Homeland Security - defining roles of different organizations; making sure we don't create competing interests in similar organizations/departments.
- Stereotyping of immigrants - not all immigrants are from Mexico or Cuba and not all immigrants are illegal; many people living in the U.S. and are not citizens live successful, legal lives.

Position that we strongly disagree with: NAFTA; closed borders;

Stakeholders: Big Business Owners; Federal Government; Immigrants (Both Legal and Illegal); Those who would like to immigrant, but haven't; the American people.

Anonymous said...

Issue: Sustainable Energy

Narrowed: alternative methods for home heat

Multiple Positions:


1.    everyone  in the Northeast consumes energy for heat

2.    people around the world consume energy for climate control

3.    people in the US use a disproportionate amountof the earth’s resources

4.    energy consumption affects the environment

5.    energy consumption affects our wallet

6.    some energy in nonrenewable

7.    oil prices are presently low

8.    alternative energy seems to be really expensiveto install/ unaffordable

9.    There should be incentives for people to adoptrenewable energy systems

10. Alternativetechnologies have been available for decades, why don’t we know more about them?

Anonymous said...

1.I care about the rising cost of living.
3.Should be easier government aid. Taxes should reflect income. Try to get a better job.
4.Why crusade for others, focus on improving the self.

Everyone is affected by the rising cost of living.

Anonymous said...

1. Immigration. What are the factors that allow immigrants to succeed/fail in our nation?

2. How do immigrants interact with various communities? The players include fellow immigrants, citizens, employers, government officials, law enforcement.

3a. Immigration is one of the foundational structures of the United States.

3b. Immigration has become a financial, cultural burden. (why do we have to learn another language?)

4. We are all affected by immigration one way or another. It is difficult to see in rural New Hampshire, however, there are immigrants everywhere.

Anonymous said...

1. I care about the Credit Crisis
2. A focused part of this issue is personal credit financing
3. a) It is immoral to spend more money than you have
b) Banks should not lend to “anyone” in order to expand their business at the expense of financial sustainability
c) The economy is based on credit financing and we should analyze the cost of a system that functions this way
d) Everyone should have equal access to credit
e) The state and federal governments should oversee credit financing
f) Students should be educated about personal finance
4. This affects individuals, families, companies, governments, the global economy (everyone!). But what we can do is educate our students about personal responsibility with financial decisions.

Anonymous said...

1. We care about the environment
2. A focused part of the environmental movement is recycling
3. Does the process of recycling materials create more pollution
4. How are the materials transported from centers to reprocessing senters
5. Is recycling cost effective
6. Who organizes recycling
7. What kinds of industries have developed as a result of recycling
8. Which materials are most cost effective to recycle
9. What percentage of industrialized countries recycle
10. Is recycling mandatory in the USA
11. How do recycling laws vary from state to state.
12. Who does recycling benefit

Anonymous said...

1. Raw organic foods
2. How does the economy impact the production and consumption of organic foods?
3. a. When times are difficult people are less likley to purchase organic foods (they are more expensive).

b. Who cares, organic foods don’t taste good?
c. During times like these people should be more conscious about what they put into consume. The consumer should find a way to eat them despite the struggles of the economy.
d. Producers of organic foods should find ways to provide a more affordable product.
4. Everyone…Whether you are health conscious or not, the price of organic food will likely impact the prices of all foods.

Anonymous said...

1. I care about homelessness.
2. Support available for school age children.
3. State and federal funds available to fund health care, supplemental food for meals,clothing, etc.
4. The nation as a whole is affected by this issue. economic, social, federal and state mandates and laws

Anonymous said...

1. Kids are spending too much time conversing on the computer?
2. How can we get kids to talk more and text less.
3a. Our children are creating a new language that is hard to follow.
3b. Children are not being taught social skills.
3c. Children are hiding behind their screens.
3d. Children are playing less in social groups.
3e. I feel that Children don't need cell phone.
4. Children and Parents.

Anonymous said...

1.I care about comedy entertainment
2. What is the impact of ethnic/ cultural humor on the audience?
3a All ethnic humor that involves the use of racial name slang should be banned from public performamce.
3bOnlu insiders to the ethnic/racial group should be allowed to use the racial id slang
3cThere should be no limits on words to express humor since those listening are free to not listen
3d Warnings should be posted outside perfromace places advising of potentially offensive words
$ Stake holders would be the artists, audiences which may include children, promoters, business sponsors

Hans Mundahl said...

These are really interesting topics folks - thanks for your work in a brief time block today!

I'm very curious to find out what kinds of outcomes evolve from this list on the JUA and also in our traditional classrooms.