Dec 1, 2007

Snow Plan

According to weather reports today it looks like the storm will blow itself out by midnight Sunday night. This should allow enough time for roads to be safe by Monday morning. At this point we're going to proceed as indicated below.

If this changes we will have a delayed start by up to 2 hours. If that happens we'll let you know on the blog first thing in the morning.

For now the plan is:
  • Monday morning all students are required to be on the buses and ready to depart by 7:45am. (The weather looks like the storm will be over and travel to Boston should be safe at this point)
  • If you are concerned about travel conditions please call Hans Mundahl at (603) 393-8660
I hope this makes sense as a way to keep the JUA on track while keeping our students (and parent drivers) safe.

Let me know if you have questions, comments or concerns. Thank you!