Dec 17, 2007

Productive day Sunday

Despite the weather, yesterday was a productive day for the groups. Students wrote their driving questions and researched the people and places they are visiting today. Visit their blog pages for a look and here is a summary of what some of the groups did:

What is the Price of Beauty visited the Dove website to take this quiz and reflect on their own perceptions.

Is the Truth Manufactured made a video of their questions and plans on vlogging more during the trip.

Can a Song Save the World had good response to a homework question posted by Ms. O'Toole. Click on "comments" to view student responses.

How Does College Shape You posted their driving questions.

What is the Secret Life of Food posted some background research.

Why Do They Hate Us
posted and reflected on an interesting YouTube video.

Will Science Save Us or Slay Us has pictures of their work session in Ms. Saxe's apartment.

Lots of interesting posts on all of the blogs. Check them out!

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