Dec 8, 2007

Group Product & Assessment

Sharing your ideas and insights with others in a compelling and interesting way is a key component of the JUA. Each group will create one final project that will represent your answer or response to your essential question.

There are five options for you to choose from. You will note that all of the possible products have one thing in common: they can all be shared on line. Gone are the days where your work is poured into a poster board which is on display for a brief time and then is discarded!

Update 1/3: The final product is due 1/16/08 and must be passed in to your group leader. Work will be considered on time and complete only when it is in your group leader's hands in one of the following formats:
  • PowerPoint: A PowerPoint or Keynote file (.ppt or .key)
  • Movie: A self playing movie file (.mov, .mp4 or .wmv file) please no un-exported iMovie or Windows Movie Maker files
  • Photo Essay: Either a PowerPoint or Keynote file (.ppt or .key) with captions on each slide or a Microsoft Word document (.doc) and full size pictures attached separately (.jpg or .tiff files)
  • Podcast: A .mp3 file, please no un-exported Garage Band files.
  • Essay: A Microsoft Word document (.doc)
Below you will find the five product options and how your work will be assessed. Click the picture for a larger image.

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