Jan 11, 2007

Student Showcase

All of the teachers and senior leaders involved in the JUA would like to take a moment and say congratulations to all the juniors for their hard work.

On each topic area site you will find student essays and visuals - if you've been following along a particular group or student please visit their site and see their work. If you are moved by an essay or disagree with a particular opinion please feel free to leave your thoughts by clicking 'comment' at the end of a post.

The them of this year's JUA was Global Problems, Local Solutions. Students and staff were able to wrap their heads around this to various degrees. Some groups were better suited to this theme than others. Although some essays still need some revising and editing what you will see is above all real. Students have written about what matters to them, about what it feels like to be challenged in their beliefs and what it feels like to grow.

A lengthy exploration of a particular group site is worth the time spent. If you have but a few moments then I would like to direct you to some work that is of particular interest.

Ryan's essay about the struggles of other cultures coming to America.
Hilary's thoughts on what is really happening on the fashion runway.
Ryan's query into conflicting cultures uniting around the dinner table.
Caitlyn's exploration of technology and emerging media.
Dana's thoughts on universal health care Julie's visual presentation from the Medicine group.
Kyle's thoughts on the following your passion even if it means not making money.
Doug's words and images about the interface between mind and body.
Annie's thoughts on the tough truth contained in war photography.
Sam's celebration of Title IX and these two great visuals (click here and here).
Leah's independent study, while not strictly an urban experience was still transformative.
Kristen's disappointment with the lack of green building going on in Boston.

Stay tuned here for the JUA slideshow!

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