Dec 12, 2006

Midnight Staff Meeting

Yesterday was a full day. Everyone came home for dinner and blogging. Next the order of business was some free time to go shopping or to catch a movie.

Later that night we had a visit from an alumnus (the word was out that we were in town) and we bundled the students off to bed and met as a staff to reflect on the day a bit and share some feedback while it was fresh in our minds.

Actually the biggest thing on everyone's minds was, "when can I get to bed." But after that staff did have some insights on the day.

Nice job yesterday and good luck for today!

We're leaving Boston tonight after dinner and should be back on campus by 9:00pm. Give a call if you're wondering how we're doing getting back.

1 comment:

Sr. Falconer said...

Thanks to all for keeping such up-to-date information on the blog. I'm wishing I was there.

Sr. Falconer