Nov 10, 2006

What should I be doing over break for JUA?

The good news is that the faculty and senior leaders should be doing the majority of the work over break planning your trip, making contacts and setting up interviews.

If you think of anything over break please post to your blog. If your folks are interested they check out the blog too.

I've also found some youth productions that very much are in the vein of the JUA that I thought you might enjoy. They are both from UthTv (see link in the side bar). The first is a slideshow put to music of images from the Iraq War called War is Hell. I think this is a nice example of a slideshow used to make a point. The author Garrett Fooke didn't take the pictures, but collected them together well. If Garrett had been on JUA he might have been in the "Why do they hate us?" group and his essnetial question might have been,

"What effect does war have on the survivors and victims, the participants and the observers?"

My only feedback is that he should have taken a stronger position to focus on as marte47 states in the comment section of the post.

The second selection is also from UthTv. Just a Video Game is Nico Cary's take on how video games affect society in the particular case of GTA: San Andreas. Nico could have been in the "Media" group and asked a question like,

"Do youth from different social or economic backgrounds view violent and racially loaded video games differently?"

I hope you enjoy the ideas! Happy Thanksgiving! When we return from break we have just two weeks to JUA!

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