Nov 7, 2006

NHS student sells artwork through blog

Creating a positive personal presence on the web is powerful and can lead to professional recognition. One example that I knew of was English teacher Matt Cheney's blog. Mr. Cheney reports getting several jobs reviewing books because employers saw his blog, liked his work, knew what they would be getting, and hired him.

I hadn't seen an example of this from a student until now. Mike '07 has a picture on the NHS Photography site. He just sold a print of this picture because of the exposure the site generated. It's probably no surprise that all the other photography students want to get their pictures on line too!

This is just the kind of buzz that the JUA experience is already generating - there have been over 800 hits to this site just since we started the project with over 500 unique visitors. That's almost five times the size of the junior class.

Bottom line: your opinions matter and will get huge air time on the JUA. Keep up the awesome work!

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