Oct 9, 2006

Topic Area Selection!

On Thursday juniors will take their first step in asking a meaningful question.

Class meeting will be focused on selecting the topic area you wish to study in Boston.

Here's how it will work:
  1. You will tell me three things you want to learn more about
  2. You will reflect on how each of these three things relates to this year's theme (see post below)
  3. I'll pick one of these three things you are interested in and combine you with others who are interested in the same thing
  4. A teacher and in many cases a senior leader will join your group to help arrange your interviews and be your guides in Boston
In addition I'm going to offer some popular ideas from years past. If you know you would like to study one of these topics please let me know on Thursday. You still need to reflect on how these topics relate to the theme.

Highly popular topic areas we hope to have again this year are:
  • Athletics (men's and/or women's)
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Cultural Awareness
  • New and traditional media
  • Urban Infrastructure (architechture & urban planning)
  • Medicine
  • Fashion
Start thinking about what you would like to learn more about in Boston and stay tuned for Thursday's class meeting!

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