Oct 6, 2006


Can anyone name all the people in the They Asked Questions video and what they are famous for?

Please provide last names and a brief description of what the did / are doing.

The first junior to post all of them wins a prize during the JUA.

To post please click comment below.


Anonymous said...

Julia Butterfly Hill asked if she could save a tree and protested by climbing the trees she was trying to save, Shawn Fanning created Napster to save an industry by sharing a song, the unknown rebel standing in front of a tank photographed by Jeff Widener in a protest in China to stop oppression, Bobby Darin (?) playing a song to stop a war, Jesse Owens went for a run to try to stop racism, Jerry Garcia tried to rock the world without selling out.
These might be right.

Hans Mundahl said...

Oooh getting close but not all of them!

Plus you'll have to sign your name if you want to get credit. Just post anonymously but sign the comment!

alex moed said...

i know the last one hes on youtube. and he is famous for the doing the rock version of canon. that is who jerry is

alex moed said...

also i know jerry is on youtube since im not a junior should i have not answered that?

Hans Mundahl said...

Go for it! It's all good. You go it, Jerry is 'JerryC' from youtube who totally rocks.

Harrison told me how to get the mp3 track of that.


Hans Mundahl said...

Bob Dylan!